Julie Ertman Nørkær Lundsgaard

Julie Ertman Nørkær Lundsgaard


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    The aim of my PhD project is to study 1) the relation between attention control and memory control and their potential ties to emotion regulation, and 2) whether patients with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) show decreased symptom severity and improved emotion regulation after memory and attention control training through a programme adapted from the Think/No-Think paradigm. I will implement a smartphone app of the training programme into existing therapeutic treatment as a complementary supplement. Aiding newly diagnosed adolescent OCD-patients by improving their memory and attention control might be a valuable contribution to their treatment. Through collaborations with the Psychiatric Center of Copenhagen, the University of Cambridge, and the Danish School of Education, I will explore the link between basic cognitive functions and incorporate training of the functions into existing treatment and thereby run a randomized controlled trial to assess the possible treatment outcomes.

    The project is supervised by Professor Signe Vangkilde and Professor Anne Katrine Pagsberg.

    ID: 172352661