Milan Obaidi

Milan Obaidi


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Milan Obaidi is an Associate Professor at the Department of Psychology, University of Copenhagen. Milan holds a Bachelor of psychology from Aalborg University, and a Master of psychology from Copenhagen University. During his Master’s studies he was a Fulbright Visiting Scholar at Harvard University, Department of Psychology. Further, Milan holds a Master of Research and a PhD in Political and Social Sciences (2016) from the European University Institute under supervision of Professor Olivier Roy and Professor James Sidanius. Moreover, during his PhD, and postdoc he had various research stays at leading labs on intergroup relations at Harvard and Yale working with Professor James Sidanius, Professor John F. Dovidio and Professor Nazar Akrami. Prior to his current position at the Department of Psychology Milan was an Associate Professor at University of Oslo at the Department of Psychology.

Milan’s main academic aspiration is to understand the social and psychological mechanisms underlying intergroup and intercultural relations and conflict, political violence, extremism, and prejudice using mostly experimental, longitudinal and comparative, quantitative and qualitative methods. Milan’s research profile intersects social, cultural, personality, and political psychology and he has expertise in collective action and extremism, globalization and migration, identity, intercultural relations, Islamophobia and prejudice.

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