Please note that all the following courses and trainings are conducted in Danish

Prices, in-house trainings (i.e. when the training takes place at CIF)

ADBB training and certification 9.000 DKK per participant. The price for a ”cold slot” (the participant follows the two first days of the training but not in the following supervision, and will not be certified) is 3.000 DKK. It is possible to book a maximum of four cold slots per team.
ADBB one-day training for interdisciplinary teams 25.000 DKK for maximum 40 participants
ADBB supervisor training 25.000 DKK per participant

An extra fee of 500 DKK per participant, including cold slots, is added to the ADBB training and certification to cover provisioning. For the one-day training the extra charge for provisioning is 200 DKK per participant. For the ADBB supervisor training provisioning is included in the price.  

Prices for trainings that take place at a venue outside CIF and are hosted/organized by the receiver of the training.

Requires that the receiver of the training assembles a complete class of 32 participants.

ADBB training and certification 9.000 DKK per participant.. The price for a ”cold slot” is 3.000 DKK.
ADBB brush-up seminar 16.000 DKK for maximum 32 participants
ADBB one-day training for interdisciplinary teams 25.000 DKK for maximum 40 participants

For external trainings, the host of the training must organize and cover expenses towards the participants’ provisioning. Furthermore, the trainer’s expenses (for transportation, overnight stay, provisioning, and diet) will be added to the price. These expenses are shared between the participants. The host of the training is responsible for all practical matters and agrees to collect the fee from participants covering provisioning and educators’ expenses. 

The seminar host commits to ensuring provisioning and facilities, that fit the number of attending participants, as well as ensuring that the teaching room has the needed equipment (sound and projector) which is used for showing video clips and power point presentations from a PC. 


Please contact  our ADBB coordinators for more information about the courses.