Center for Early Intervention and Family Studies (CIF) aims at contributing to the education and training of students with a special interest in early child development, attachment research and mental health. Therefore, we offer students the opportunity to become a part of the center and the ongoing research projects.

Students can participate in our work in different ways:

  • Research as elective course (7.5 or 15 ECTS)
  • Research internship
  • Writing their master thesis in collaboration with researchers from CIF
  • Work as paid student assistant

Open positions are posted as needed, but present examples of student jobs are ADBB coordinator, data collector, and assistant project coordinator. Due to the nature of the tasks, our student assistant positions typically require that the student speaks and understands Danish.

As a student at CIF, you will be asked to sign a contract. This ensures that both the student and CIF have the opportunity to match their expectations of what the research activity entails.