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Katsumi Minakata

Katsumi Minakata

Ph.d. stipendiat

Primære forskningsområder

I am interested in the senses and how they are decoded and combined by our human cortex (i.e., multisensory integration) to create coherent percepts. In particular, I have been investigating the spatio-temporal resolution and what characteristics of our sensory modalites are combined within multisensory peri-personal space. Specifically, I attempt to determine the receptive field properties of multisensory neurons in human cortex (e.g., ventral premotor cortex and posterior parieatal cortex) that code visual, auditory, somatosensory, proprioceptive and all the permutations of these four sensory modalities. 


I utilize a multi-technique approach that includes psychophysics, behavior, and ERPs to study the integration of vision, audition, somatosensation, and proprioception.

ID: 67571038