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Louise Berg Puggaard

Louise Berg Puggaard



I am doing my PhD thesis within the area of palliation.


The study is called: DOMUS - A randomized clinical trial of accelerated transition from oncological treatment to continued palliative care at home.


The DOMUS study is a randomized clinical trial. The DOMUS study investigates whether accelerated transitions from oncological treatment to specialized palliative care is effective in helping patients receive care and treatment at home, in accordance with their own wish, to improve symptom control, and increase survival and the possibility for home death.


The study is takes place at the Oncological Clinic, Rigshospitalet (Copenhagen University Hospital), where 340 palliative cancer patients will be included.  


Patients in both the intervention and control group are followed by way of questionnaires for up to 6 months. Thus, the last questionnaire for patients is 6 months after the completion of the baseline questionnaire. Informal caregivers will receive follow-up questionnaires for up to 19 months after the patient’s death.


My focus is on the psychological intervention offered to patients and their informal caregivers in the intervention group.


ID: 42000715