Kresten Bjerg

 Vigtigste publikationer 
  • Interplay Analysis. A preliminary report on an approach to the problems of interpersonal understanding,  Acta Psychologica, 28, p. 201 -24S (1968)
  • The hollow men and the public speech-act, in: Jacob Mey (el): Studies in Pragmalinguistic's. Ser. Janua Linguarum, 85 Mouton, Haag (1978)
  • Home-Oriented Informatics, Telematics & Automation, in: Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Technology: Marcel Dekker, Pittsburg Penn (1996)
  • “Empowering Citizen Self-Documentation: Re-inventing the diary” Observatorio (OBS*), Vol2, No 2 (2008) or  (Paper presented to the COST298 transdiciplinary international conference on “The user and the future of information and communication technologies” in Moscow 2007). (2008)
  • ”Dimensions of the Patient Journey, - charting and sharing the patient journey with long term user-driven support systems in: Eds. Rakesh Biswas & Carmel Mary Martin ”User-driven Healthcare and Narrative Medicine: Utilizing Collaborative Social Networks and Technologies”. (IGI Global) (2011)

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