Webinar: Survival - Psychoanalytical Perspectives

The European Psychoanalytical Federation hosts its 5th European Psychoanalytical Conference for European Students (EPCUS) this October. The conference will be online this year, and will focus on the theme 'survival' and investigate a wide range of questions related to this theme.

Over three days, the EPCUS conference will provide an opportunity for students and recent graduates to approach the psychoanalytic way of thinking by listening to online lectures from prominent psychoanalysts. The lectures will be about different issues related to 'survival', for instance in relation to the climate emergency, the rise of far-right politics, and memorizing and survival through music.

The conference will take place from Thursday 1 October – Saturday 3 October, 2020. The price for attending the conference is Euro 25.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the conference will be hosted as a webinar and all presentations will be online.

Find more information about the online conference as well as the programme here.