of Andreas Elrond's PhD-thesis:

Does aspects of the psychosocial work environment during military deployment relate to the risk of developing PTSD, and to the labour market affiliation of formerly deployed soldiers in the years after homecoming? This PhD has researched these questions:

Study 1 tested the relation between subordinate soldiers´ perception of procedural and interactional justice, throughout deployment to Afghanistan in 2009, and having PTSD 2½ years later.

Study 2 compared formerly deployed soldiers´ transitioning between work, unemployment and long-term sickness, within the 5 years of returning from a first ever military deployment, with that of a matched civilian control group.

Study 3 tested if perceptions of high risk and low leader support during deployment, together with PTSD and depression after, were related to a lower chance of getting work after homecoming.

The work adds to the knowledge on how soldiers of recent Danish military deployments function after homecoming, and on where intervention may be targeted to identify and limit possible negative consequences.