of Ola Hendar's PhD-thesis:

The thesis concerns young children with hearing loss and their educational outcome. For a period of at least 25 years educational reforms and advances in medicine and technology have changed possibilities for pupils with hearing loss.

This thesis confirms that there remains a variation and gap in education outcome even after 25 years of reforms and technical advances, (Study I & II). The thesis points to the need for more research in pre-lingual language development to explore for instance the role of gestures and visual communication. A special focus is on how pre-lingual support can improve later language development and academic outcome, (Study III & IV). Documented effects of early language acquisition, bilingual experience and educational outcome seems not fully be taken into account in research (Study IV).

The conclusion of the thesis is that there is associations between early language experience involving non-verbal communication, sign language and speech and, with a more holistic view on language acquisition, the educational achievements might change in a positive direction.