PhD-forsvar Ida Egmose Pedersen, Institut for Psykologi


Ida Egmose Pedersen


"Bodily Aspects of Mother-Infant Interactions. An investigation of motor activity, proximity, and touch in depressed and nonclinical dyads"

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Tid og sted

Fredag, den 30. november 2018, kl. 14.

Københavns Universitet, Center for Sundhed og Samfund, Gothersgade 140, Auditorium 1, København K

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  • Professor Susanne Harder, Department of Psychology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark (chairman)
  • Enseignant Maya Gratier, Université Paris Nanterre, France
  • Professor Daniel S. Messinger, University of Miami, USA


Previous studies on mother-infant interactions have primarily focused on distal modalities, such as facial expressions and vocalizations, thereby neglecting the study of the bodily aspects of the mother-infant communication. The aim of the present thesis is to address this gap in the research by examining three aspects of bodily communication: motor activity, spatial proximity, and touch. These aspects are examined in a low-risk sample consisting of 30 mothers with postpartum depression and 60 nonclinical mothers and their 4-month-old infants. The thesis integrates motion tracking technology with more classic ways of analyzing mother-infant interactions, including micro- and macro-analysis. Overall, the results from the thesis demonstrate that the investigated bodily aspects contribute to shaping the global interaction quality and the expression and regulation of infant emotions.