Open talk: Couple communication in the perinatal period

How do we facilitate couple communication in the perinatal period?

Centre for Early Intervention and Family Studies has the pleasure to invite professionals, researchers and students to attend this open talk with Stephen Matthey from Australia.


20 June 2018, 14:30 – 16:00


Center for Sundhed og Samfund, University of Copenhagen, Room 35.01.06
Øster Farimagsgade 5, 1353 København K

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A creative way to enhance couple communication and understanding in the perinatal period


Around 10-20% of perinatal couples report that they do not communicate openly when there are stresses between them. Hence we give advice, especially to men, that they should first listen to their partner, and show that they understand her, rather than immediately try and fix the problem. But do we really believe that giving such advice will really change the way these couples normally communicate with each other if they don't do this already?

Stephen Matthey has developed a novel approach to this issue which facilitates communication and understanding in a way that is somewhat fun and isn't too threatening.  At the talk, he will present this instrument and he will discuss some of the findings from his research on it.

Stephen Matthey is senior principal researcher and senior clinical psychologist at Liverpool Hospital, Mental Health Centre, NSW Australia & Adj. associate Professor at the University of Sydney.

It is free to attend but signing up is necessary because of limited seats.