Lecture by Constantine Sedikides

Professor Constantine Sedikides, School of Psychology, Centre for Research in Self and Identity, University of Southampton, United Kingdom.


"The Future of Nostalgia"


Nostalgia is a bittersweet, self-relevant, and social emotion. The content of nostalgic accounts features the self as protagonist, albeit embedded with close others into momentous occasions. Also, nostalgic content entails more expressions of positive than negative affect, and depicts redemption than contamination life scenes. Nostalgia has remarkable implications for one’s future. It promotes an approach (vs. avoidance) orientation. It raises optimism, and it does so by boosting social connectedness (a sense of support, belongingness, and acceptance) and subsequently lifting self-esteem.  It increases creativity, and it does by bolstering openness to experience. It kindles prosociality, such as intentions to donate and actual monetary donating. And it promotes intergroup contact. Far from reflecting escapism from the present, nostalgia potentiates a positive, attainable future.

Time and place:

Tuesday 30th April 2019, Øster Farimagsgade 2A, room 03.2.M202, 1353 Copenhagen.

Faculty, students and others with interest are welcome.