Udvalgte publikationer

PUBLICATIONS 2015-2018  

Journal articles, peer reviewed: 


Mathiesen, B.B., Nielsen, J., Turnstedt, C. & Esbjørn, B.H. (in preparation). Does working with real clients matter? Self-efficacy in psychology student therapists. Will be submitted to Journal of Counseling Psychology. 

Nielsen, J.,  Pedersen, S.H. & Mathiesen, B.B. (in preparation). Group supervision as psychotherapy training method - an updated review of the research. Will be submitted to The Clinical Supervisor

Soegaard, U., Mathiesen, B.B., & Simonsen, E. (under revision). Personality and psychopathology for patients with Conversion Disorder (psychogenic movement disorder). Will be submitted to Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease

Juul, S. & Lunn, S. (submitted). Et psykoanalytisk perspektiv på dissociation og konstrueret erindring hos borderline-patienter. Matrix

Lunn, S. & Køppe, S. (submitted). The history of a university clinic -  two steps forward and one step back. 


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Book chapters, peer reviewed: 


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Book chapters, non-peer reviewed: 

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