Inaugural lecture: Kamilla Miskowiak – Københavns Universitet

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Inaugural lecture: Kamilla Miskowiak

On the occasion of her accession as Professor with special responsibilities within the field of Cognitive Neuropsychiatry at the Psychiatric Center Copenhagen, Mental Health Services - Capital Region of Denmark, and Department of Psychology, University of Copenhagen, Kamilla Woznica Miskowiak is holding a lecture titled

“On the marriage between Cognitive Psychology and Neuropsychiatry”

The lecture will take place on Friday 9th February 2018 at 13:00
in the Auditorium, entrance 61A, Psychiatric Center Copenhagen, Dep. O, Rigshospitalet, Henrik Harpestrengs Vej, 2100 Copenhagen.

After the lecture, the Department of Psychology and Psychiatric Centre Copenhagen will host a reception.